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About Me

Hey… My name is Erwin (Weng) Cruz and my company is Online Career Jobs and it was founded in 2016.


I am an affiliate marketer and a business consultant partnered with MOBE, My Online Business Education, which is one of the leading internet marketing company that paid more than 75 million dollars to date to its affiliates.


Our company redefined the normal 9 to 5 “job” to become a laptop lifestyle career online where you are not tied down to your location, time, and money.


Our company helps a lot of people just like you make extra income and give you lucrative opportunities to earn and grow where you can start your own online business using only your laptop and internet.


This is a great opportunity for people who wants to take their career to the next level and want to get away from brick and mortar job. 


MOBE is founded by Matt Lloyd and is one of the largest and best internet marketing company out there to date that have generate six to seven figures income to many of its members.


If you want to own and start your online business today and really want to have the time, location, and financial freedom for you and your family, click below and we guide and show you step by step how to get started.


We provide you a personal business coach that would work with you throughout the process step by step.


Our company is dedicated to assisting people just like you to make money right from home or any location with the use of computer and internet.


If you don’t have any computer experience or if you are not a computer savvy and not familiar with affiliate marketing, we will teach you everything to know and how to get started.


Everything is already setup for you so you don’t have to re-invent the wheel with the proven system that is already working.


Many newbies, rookies, and retirees have already started and have made huge commissions without any prior computer, sales and marketing experience.


Our company continuously looks for individuals either your a student, stay home parent, stay home moms, retired, and people with disability to provide a great online laptop lifestyle career and online business opportunity.


Everyone is qualified at Online Career Jobs.


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What is Mobe?


Our mission is the commitment to providing the best online opportunity to people who wants to work from home and start an online business in the comfort of their own home and make money online.


We envision a society of individuals, students, stay home parents, retired, people with disabilities, and unemployed to attain the opportunity of time, location, and financial freedom right in the comfort of their own homes.

Affiliate Program

Looking for legitimate online opportunities can be very challenging and very difficult to find since most of them are not what you expect them to be.


Rest assured that you are in the right place and that you would find real online business home opportunities.


Online Career Jobs will take you to the next level by becoming your own boss, by eliminating work commute, by giving you work hours flexibility according to your needs, and by allowing you to have the time, location, and financial freedom.


You control your work hours, how much you want to earn, and where you want to work.


Be a part of a company that cares about you and your family future and success.


If you are ready to get started, click here to learn more.

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Make Money from Home or Anywhere.No Commute. No Dresscode. Become Your Own Boss.

You’ll be introduced to our full suite of training programs on:

Mindset &
Time Management
Customer Acquisition & Marketing
Investing In Real Estate, Stocks, & Precious Metals
Systems &
Online & Offline Traffic Methods

Online Career Jobs.Testimonials

Matt’s training and business system has had a huge impact on my success. In my first 18 months online, I was able to make over $253,147.89.

Adeline Sugianto
Sidney, Australia

Having multiple sources of income is important to me. Matt’s systems has allowed me to tap into an online income model I was not aware of before.

David Gilks
Perth, Australia

I am a retired school teacher and didn’t know much about online marketing but using Matt’s system, I have already made over $71,945.47 in my spare time.

Deborah Robertson
Covington, Georgia

This workshop was truly an eye opener. Matt’s business system really makes it easy for anyone, even newbies to generate a significant income online.

Chris & Susan Beesley
London , United Kingdom

The strategies I learned from Matt and his training programs have taken my online business to over $522,630 in revenue in less than 2 years.

Luke Lim

Matt’s training, marketing and business systems are a must for anyone wanting to start or grow their affiliate based online business.

Hwayda Kater
Vancouver , Canada

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